Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Book Review - The City Beyond The Sands - By Michael K. Rose

On an Earth that is not Earth people and societies from our history have been kidnapped and thrown together for reasons unknown. It could be natural, it could be by design, the only thing Will Kelly knows for sure is that he wants to find a way home to 2014 and the son he left behind.

In this action packed novel there is friendship, sword fights, horses, camels, sea chases, ape men, neanderthals, bat creatures, a mysterious city, desert, mongols, savage tribesman and more.

As the author states it is written in the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E Howard, although the style is much more modern and reader friendly. In a way it reminds me of the black and white chapter plays I used to see during the holidays, with excitement and peril at every turn. It is full of ideas and a constant movement through a detailed patchwork world where the protagonists constantly encounter new people, cultures and strange creatures.

The story is written as a series of short sharp chapters that keep you reading and in a way it is the story itself is the main character of the book, fleshing out a world that is surprising, exotic and, above all, deadly. The novel ends on a cliffhanger, and I for one, am very interested in finding out what happens next...

Friday, 8 August 2014

Firebolt - Adrienne Woods - Spotlight

For the love of blueberries, Elena Watkins was destined for greatness, even though she didnt know it. Before entering Paegeia Elena was not special, she wasnt even average until the night her father was killed by a creature she thought only existed in fairy tales a dragon. With her fathers death leaving her orphaned, Elena is whisked away to her true birthplace, Paegeia. Arriving at Dragonia Academy, the premier school for young Dragonians; a school she was never meant to attend because her father was a dragon. Unbeknownst to Elena danger is lurking behind the enchanted vines concealing the once thriving capital of Paegeia Etan. Goran, the darkest sorcerer in the realm, has lain dormant for over a century behind the crumbling city. There, in the shadowy ruins he plots his revenge to destroy the only weapon that can kill him the King of Lion Sword. When the sword is stolen without a trace Elena doesnt think twice about seeking it; knowing deep down that it is her destiny to save her new home.

My Comments: The author has created an imaginative and well thought out land where humans and dragons co-exist, hidden from the modern world by a magic wall that only dragons can cross. The story is told in the first person from a teenage girl's perspective and realistically charts her loss, lack of initial confidence, and growing courage and ability in the face of adversity. There are also many other characters, and the story centres around developing friendships, love, jealously and one character who is fighting against his own evil nature to be good. The themes are developed just enough to leave the reader wanting more, exactly what the first book of a series should do, and I believe the sequel is coming out very soon.

Adrienne Woods was born and raised in South Africa, where she still resides on the East side of Johannesburg with her husband and two little girls. She's been writing for the past four years and in her free time she likes to review books of new and upcoming authors.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blog Tour - Hunter No More

The Hunter Class Spacecraft designated 'The Amberjack' disappeared during a routine mission to Seek, Locate and Destroy the enemy Machine Mind contingent known as ‘The Ochre’. Conclusion: It was either destroyed by the Ochre or went rogue for reasons unknown. If sighted, approach with extreme caution.

The 'Hunter No More' blog tour kicks off today with an interview and rafflecopter giveaway on Michael Long's Michaelscifan website. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for hosting.

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